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Forensic Audit & Securitization AND Attorney Referral Assistance Steps

Step 1

Order a Forensic/Securitization Audit (Required)

1. Client Intake (i.e., questionnaires, property info...)

Step 2

Submit Audit Forms and Payment

1. Send completed forms, questionnaires, and mortgage documents to info@solutionfocusedfinancial.com

2. Complete purchase of your desired package (below) with online pay by check

Step 3

Audit Delivery

Completed Audit is emailed to client with full instructions.

Audits will be completed in 5 - 7 business days or less. Note: All files submitted on Friday - Monday will be treated as though they were submitted on the next business day. All files submitted after 2pm EST will be treated as though they were submitted the following business day.

Step 4

FREE Attorney Consultation / Referral Assistance

Please complete our FREE Attorney Consultation Intake form

All borrowers will receive assistance in helping you find and attorney to help you with your situation.

If your state is not listed, we will still provide assistance in locating an attorney for all covered states.

  • NOTE: All law firms and attorneys, please call 813-445-5004 for a review of the service.

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