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1. Complete the Registration
2. You Will Receive Instruction Emails To Set-up Your Free Trial (Phone Call ONLY IF NEEDED)
3. You Will Need to Set-up a Free Telegram Account (Smartphone Messenger App)
4. You will Need to Set-up a Free Bitcoin Wallet (Instructions Will Be Provided)
5. You Will Need to Set-up a Free API Account So The Software Can Interface
6. You Will Need to Install the Software (Windows Users Only)
7. You Will Need to Buy A Minimum Amount of Bitcoin (Always in Your Control)
8. You Will Need to Agree to Share 50% of Your Trial Profits With SFF
9. You Will Be Able to Try The Software for 8 Days
10. You Will Need to Agree to Create A YouTube Testimonial Video About How the Software Made You Money Daily!

*Free trial is for a limited time and for a limited number of users, so register immediately. Warning: Past performance does not guarantee future results.

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